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                    Oct 29th, 2019        09h29 (GMT+1)

Biological Background

Q1. Each slide in the dataset is labeled either as positive or negative. According to the challenge website "negative (score 0 or 1+), equivocal (score 2+), positive (score 3+), and indeterminate." I'd like to know if you have only provided  0/+1 as negative and 3+ as positive? And also specifically whether 2+ has been left out from the provided slides.

A1. We have positive cases (score 3+ and score 2+ ISH positive) and negative cases (score 0/1+ and score 2+ ISH negative). There are no indeterminate cases. We have cases with just IHC and cases with IHC and ISH. The final result is either IHC alone or IHC and ISH. We have all the scores from 0 to 3+.

Dataset size

Q1. What is the total size of the dataset.

A1. The DataSet has 755GB. 

Q2. Could you consider providing the checksum of all data files?

A2. Checksums are available in file sha256sum.txt within the HEROHE_CHALLENGE folder.



Q1. Could you please add a forum page for question and answering?

A1. Of course. You can found it at: 

FTP download


Q1.  Which FTP account should I use?

A1. You can use an anonymous user with empty password.

Q2. I’m using FileZilla and the download is extremely slow. Is there any problem with your server?

A2. The bandwidth should be enough to allow the download in a few hours. You probably have defined some restrictions in the FileZilla settings. Try changing the Settings, namely the number of concurrent downloads and speed limits.